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What is Stress Management Coaching?

Stress Management Coaching is available to both individuals, groups and organisations and we provide this service to self-referring individuals as well as to those who are referred to us by another organisation. Here's some brief basic principles underlying Stress Management Coaching and Consulting:


  • Coaching involves looking at the causes of stress, how it affects one’s life and how to combat stress using various techniques. It also involves developing new skills and coping with stress and life generally.


  • Can help you to do some of the following (and much more): learn proven relaxation techniques; adopt healthy ways to cope with stress; develop assertiveness; maintain boundaries and learn to say no; turn down your stress levels; become aware of the unhealthy stress management techniques you may use (e.g. over-eating, over-work, too much alcohol etc) and much more!


  • Aimed at alleviating and controlling a person’s level of stress, usually for the purpose of improving their physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing, as well as their everyday general functioning.


  • Can help reduce stress levels, provide positive feelings and help you been more in control of life.


  • Can involve participating in classes/workshops with other people or seeing a coach or therapist on an individual basis.


  • You will learn many long-term stress management techniques including: compassion training; exercise; mindfulness; time and task management; goal-setting; recovery periods and stability zones; relaxation techniques; creative expression; conflict resolution; social activity; nutrition; assertiveness training; positive self-talk. These are only a few of the techniques available.



Stress Management Coaching

& Life Coaching



If you feel stressed out by modern life, you're not alone! Stress has major health consequences and diminishes our ability to enjoy life. Stress Management Coaching is ideally suited to helping you cope with stress. Coaching strategies and tips will help you to take control of the stress in your life and how you cope with it so you can achieve improved physical, emotional and psychological health as well as an improved quality of life.


Many practical stress management techniques are available and such can really help you to not only to reduce your levels of stress, but assist you in learning and developing new skills and techniques that you can use at any time in your life and across many situations. See the Key Points box to the left-hand side of this page for more information on Stress Management Coaching.


Stress Management Coaching is available one-to-one or via groups, classes and workshops. We are currently only offering this service to individuals on a one-to-one basis at the moment, but classes and groups will be available in 2016.




As with both counselling and cognitive behavioural psychotherapy, the principles of confidentiality, boundaries, and ethics also apply to the provision of our Stress Management Coaching and Life Coaching services. Our Stress Management Coach/Life Coach is a qualified Stress Management Counsellor and Consultant, having completed a professional Diploma in Stress Management Coaching, validated by ISMA.


Our Stress Management Coach is a qualified coach and consultant in stress management, as well as being a qualified psychotherapist. She works under the ethical guidelines of both COSCA, BABCP and ISMA - the organisation which has validated the Stress Management Coaching training course our Coach has completed (she received 100% for her exams and coursework on this traning!). She has also undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Psychology, an undergraduate degree in English and completed postgraduate professional training in stress management counselling, in additional to qualifying clinical training in cognitive behavioural psychotherapy. She has also completed training in clinical hypnotherapy, suicide interventions, eating disorders, and lots more.


Our Stress Management Coach receives frequent clincial supervision, abides by the ethical standards of COSCA, BABCP and ISMA and holds membership with these bodies. Our Coach engages in frequent, essential CPD or continuing professional development, in accordance with various professional bodies.














If you want to make changes in your life, manage current stresses and develop skills that will allow you to manage stress in a more helpful and healthier way now, and in the future, then Stress Management Coaching or Life Coaching may be for you. We are constantly surrounded by the trials and tribulations of modern daily life and this can really take a toll on our physical, emotional and psychological health. Stress can also have a huge effect on our social, family and work lives.


Being able to manage stress is a more helpful and healthier way can also have a long-term knock-on effect on many other areas of life and improve our quality of life generally. Managing stress effectively can also reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety, emotional distress, and many other conditions, as well as increase work and academic performance.


Coaching is not counselling or psychotherapy per se, although some counselling and psychotherapy skills may be involved and used by your Coach. Stress Management Coaching and Life Coaching is structured, solution-focused, goal-oriented and involves learning and developing practical solutions and techniques to managing stress.


So if stress is a bit part of your life, then Stress Management Coaching or Life Coaching can be very beneficial in helping you to reduce stress levels, improve qualify of life and get things back on track again!





We currently offer Stress Management Coaching and Life Coaching to anyone over 16 years old. We currently only offer this to individuals. However, we will be offering Group Coaching, personal development classes and stress management workshops in 2016, so watch this space for more details in the future!


Individuals over 16 years old can self-refer - there is no need to make an appointment through your GP or other health professional. We do also accept referrals from anywhere/anyone else, including GPs, psychologists, mental health professionals, EAPs, and other organisations. There is a separate fee structure for this, so please get in touch for more details.





Please get in touch via email or by filling in the Contact Us Form on this website if you are interested in Stress Management Coaching. Please provide a little information about the problem you would like help with.


PLEASE NOTE: there is currently a Waiting List for all our therapies, however, please do feel free to get in touch if you would like to join this and we shall make an appointment with you as soon as we can.


If you have a preference for certain days/times, please also state this. We currently have limited availability, so appointment times may have to be negotiated. At the moment, we do not provide appointments at weekends and have limited availability in the evening.


All coaching sessions last 55 minutes, although double sessions (up to 2 hours) can be booked, if preferable and available. The first appointment is what we call an Assessment or Evaluation Session. This is an assessment and evaluation of your circumstances to help establish if Stress Management Coaching would indeed be a useful and appropriate approach for you to engage in. You will then mutually agree with your Coach on how to progress with coaching sessions, as well as negotiate dates/times of appointments.


Appointments must be paid for in advance of your next appointment. Your first session must also be paid in advance and we provide details on how to do this, via Paypal. Your appointment will not be booked until payment of the first session has been made. You will be given a receipt each time you pay. If you do not return to coaching, for whatever reason, your payment will be returned to you via cash or cheque.


We currently offer discounted Stress Management Coaching and Life Coaching to individuals. This is currently £35 per session. and is paid to the Coach in cash and in advance of each appointment (with exception of the first Assessment Session, which is paid, in advance, via Paypal). Our counsellors and psychotherapists are unpaid volunteers who kindly offer their skills and time for free which allows to provide low-cost counselling and psychotherapy. The fee above is purely to cover the cost of room hire, essential supervision and other expenses incurred.


We are currently offering 10 sessions of Stress Management Coaching or Life Coaching at a discounted price of £300, giving you a saving of £50! All 10 sessions must be booked and paid for in advance. No refunds are available once sessions have been booked and paid for.


SELF-REFERRAL FORM: if you are looking to book a initial appointment, please download and complete the Self-Referral Form below and email it to Please also state which form of therapy you are looking to engage in. All information provided by you is confidential and private.


Download Self-Referral

Form here:











It is important that you feel safe and supported during coaching and it is also important that your confidentiality is respected. You will be given more detailed information about this when you enquire about making an appointment. However, we have strict confidentiality policies in place and this will all be explained in your Working Agreement, which gives information about appointments, cancellations, privacy, confidentiality and lots more. You will be given a copy of this via email when you enquire about sessions.


Confidentiality is extremely important and we have many procedures in place to ensure your information, sessions and coaching is confidential. We also abide by the ethical and confidentiality guidelines of various professional bodies, including those with which we are a member and those stated in our own carefully designed policies and procedures.

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