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Professional Services

We provide a number of Professional Services to other organisations and other professionals. This is not an exhaustive list, however, it includes some of the Professional Services we can offer. Please feel free to get in touch if there is something else we can assist you with in a professional capacity. We can provide the following:


  • Membership of TEDD (The Eating Disorders Discussion Group), which includes gathering and events for those with a professional and personal interest in eating disorders, including networking events, CPD, social events, discussion groups, education, training and lots more. Please see the TEDD section on this website for more information


  • Therapy Referrals (please note that a different price structure applies to non self-referral)


  • Employee Assistance Service/Programme


  • The CBT'ers Club - for trainee and qualified psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, coaches and practitioners who incorporate CBT into their clinical practice. Please see The CBT'ers Club section on this website for more information


  • Consultations


  • Talks and Presentations


  • Psychotherapy Assessments


  • Research and Report Writing


  • Other (please get in touch)



If you are interested in Professional Services, please get in touch. You can do this via the Contact Us Form on this website or directly via email:

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