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We get many requests from people wishing to get involved with Glasgow Centre for Eating Disorders in many ways, from volunteering, placements for trainee counsellors and psychotherapists, doing research, providing workshops or training, being a speaker, giving talks and lots more.


We will update this section regularly and advertise any opportunities below - both paid and unpaid - as, and when, they arise .




















We are seeking a new Clinical Supervisor for Assistant and lead Support Group Facilitators (Eating Disorder Support Group).


We are looking for someone with experience of clinical supervision (either as a trainee or qualified supervisor) to provide approximately 4 sessions of clinical supervision per year to our Assistant and Lead Support Group Facilitators who are involved with our Eating Disorder Support Group. This would equate to you offering approximately 4 hours of clinical supervision per year to this particular group of volunteers (which comprises of 6-8 individuals). You don’t specifically need to be a trainee or qualified clinical supervisor in cognitive behavioural psychotherapy – we welcome clinical supervisors practicing in other approaches.


This is a voluntary position and unpaid, however, we are happy to offer references, certificates and other benefits as applicable. We will also pay room hire for the clinical supervision sessions, although unable to reimburse any travelling expenses at this time. We ask anyone applying for this role can volunteer with is for at least 1 year.


Your role might involve, for instance:


*identifying an exploring any emotions, problems, concerns etc that volunteers have with regards their volunteering role;

*allowing volunteers to express and explore their thoughts and feelings around issues, problems, experiences etc that have heard and have been shared by service users during support group meetings;

*general emotional support;

*information and advice



Supervision will be via a face-to-face group supervision meeting and take place on a Monday evening in Glasgow city centre 4 times per year for 1 hour per supervision session. Dates and times will be arranged to ensure they are mutually suitable to the clinical supervisor and supervisees (although sessions will always take place on Monday evenings).


If you are interested in this volunteering role, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at or contacts us via the Contact Us Form on this website for more information and an application form. CLOSING DATE: FRIDAY 1ST JULY 2016. We look forward to hearing from you soon!




Please note: this vacancy has now been filled!


We are seeking a new CBT Newsletter Writer for the quarterly newsletter for one of our sister organisations, The CBT'ers Club. The CBT'ers Club started in winter 2013 and membership has increased a lot recently, so we are looking for a new CBT Newsletter Writer to write and compile a quarterly online newsletter distributed to Members of The CBT'ers Club in Scotland.


This is a voluntary position, but provides excellent experience with rewards and other opportunities. The Newsletter is quarterly and sent only to Members. More information about The CBT'ers Club is in The CBT'ers Club section of this website here.


Your role is to write and produce a newsletter of interest to our Members who are all trainee or qualified psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors, nurse practitioners, coaches etc using CBT (cognitive behavioural psychotherapy) therapeutically in clinical practice with clients/patients.


Writing the newsletter may include: researching upcoming CPD events, conferences, meetings, talks, training etc that may be of interest to our Members; new book or research paper resleases; details of upcoming meetings of The CBT'ers Club; new tools/techniques of interest to Members; interviews with other professionals, viewpoints etc; news items and lots more. The newsletter is around 5-6 pages in length but content is negotiable and decided by yourself and the Director. You must have an interest or experience in psychotherapy, CBT, counselling, psychology, mental health etc.


We are looking for someone who is innovative, enthusiastic, has excellent writing and communications skills, motivated, has time to volunteer, can work to deadlines, excellent research skills, good design skills, and who has access to and experience of publishing software, such as InDesign, Fireworks, Illustrator or something similar, as you will also be required to design the newsletter and prepare it for distribution electronically.


Interested? Please email The CBT'ers Club's own direct email for a Role Description and Application Form. The email address to contact is:


Informal interviews will take place in Glasgow city centre, on a weekday, during April (dates to be confirmed). Closing date: Monday 28th March 2016.


Please feel free to email us on The CBT'ers Club email address above for more information, for a Role Description, Application Form or to apply. Thanks!





We currently have some volunteering opportunities to provide a talk or presentation at a one of our weekly Eating Disorder Support Groups, held on Monday evenings in Glasgow city centre. We also have the opportunity for someone to provide a talk/presentation at one of our monthly Body Image Support Groups, also held on a Monday evening, Glasgow city centre.


The talk/presentation could be about your own recovery, about something related to eating disorders (such as depression or anxiety) or about something else related to either eating disorders/disordered eating or body image and body confidence. We will work with you to ensure flexibility, that the content of your talk/presentation is appropriate and relevant to members of our friendly support group and that the date is one that suits you. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested. Thanks!





Please note that we do not currently have any placements available for trainee counsellors, psychotherapists or psychologists.





We shall be looking to take on Associates later in 2016 - suitable for appropriately qualfied clinicians, such as counsellors, psychotherapists and other therapists. We shall also be looking for Associate trainers to deliver training, workshops etc. We will update this section when this takes place.





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