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The Eating Disorders Discussion Group (TEDD)

The TEDD Group is a networking, ideas, and discussion group for anyone in Scotland with a personal or professional interest in eating disorders. A few years ago, a small group of people in Scotland became interested in starting a network/group for people interested in eating disorders: whether they have worked/volunteered in eating disorders; have maybe 'recovered'; have personal experience of an eating disorder; family/ friends of someone with experience of an eating disorder; professionals; counsellors and psychotherapists; and anyone else with an interest in eating disorders. It would be a group of people from different parts of Scotland who would like to network with each other and meet for discussions, gatherings, focus groups, social activities, events, the sharing of experiences and information and lots more.


Such a group did start and we have had various events and gatherings, including a large networking afternoon in Glasgow; a social outing to see a theatre performance in Edinburgh; various discussion groups in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling; a film screening in Glasgow and lots more! It was known then as the Eating Disorders Community Interest Network Scotland. The group had a break in Spring 2015 and has now re-branded and is part of Glasgow Centre for Eating Disorders. The group is now known as TEDD Group (The Eating Disorders Discussion Group) and we have some new (and previous) members, some new planning group members and new ideas for upcoming events.


If you would like a copy of the Aims of TEDD, you can access them here (click pop-out to view):









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How to Become a Member

Who Can Become a Member?

What Type of Things Will We Do?

You might be thinking 'What kind of things will TEDD do?' The answer is: as much as we can! While the aim of TEDDS is 'networking' and creating discussion groups, we think that this can involve a lot of things and lots of different people from many parts of Scotland. We would love to hear your ideas and comments, as we are very open to new ideas and experiences.


Here is some of the ideas and suggestions we have and some of the things we would like to do. We have already done some of these things, and look forward to more future meetings, events, gatherings and networking!


  • Workshops
  • Discussion Groups
  • Coffee and Chat Groups/Social Events
  • Research and Experiences
  • Talks and Presentations
  • Informal Meetings and Gatherings
  • Events
  • Sharing experiences, information, knowledge, ideas and lots more
  • Meeting and talking with as many people as possible and keeping the topic alive
  • Focus/Opinion Group Meetings

.... and lots more!

Membership is FREE for this year and up until January 2017 and we would really like you to join us! Becoming a Member is easy! Either complete a short Membership Form at one of our meetings/gatherings or request a Membership Form via email (or download the form below), complete it and send it by return email.


Upon completing your Membership Form, you will receive your Membership Pack and Membership Card at the next meeting/gathering you attend.


Please get in touch if you think this is something that you would like to get involved with or if you would like to become a Member and attend our meetings, focus and discussion groups., social gatherings, topic events and lots more. Suggestions for meetings, gatherings and events welcome!


For more information or to become a Member, please get in touch by email: tedd@glasgow-eating-disorders.co.uk or complete the membership Form below and return it to the email above.


Anyone with an interest in eating disorders is most welcome to join as a Member and attend our meetings, gatherings, activities, discussion groups, events and so on. The group may appeal to the following, although anyone is welcome to join!


  • Individuals with personal (past or present) experience of an eating disorder/disordered eating
  • Individuals who have recovered or are better following experience of an eating disorder/disordered eating
  • Health and mental health professionals
  • Psychotherapists, therapists, coaches, counsellors and psychologists
  • Teachers
  • Parents, family, friends, carers and supporters of those with personal experience of an eating disorder/disordered eating
  • Students and researchers
  • Anyone else with an interest in eating disorders/disordered eating


Everyone is welcome to join - we believe in being as inclusive as possible, as we all learn from each other. Members from all parts of Scotland are welcome! Get in touch today!

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Form below:

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